Hello Readers

Why don’t we get to know one another.  Let me begin by telling you about myself.

I was born and raised in Toronto and have never lived anywhere else.  Since the age of 6, I have resided in Etobicoke, an area in the west end of the city.  I attended York University, where I graduated with a B.A. in History.  I then went to library school at Ryerson (now Toronto Metropolitan University) for two years

The fact that I have only lived in Toronto has limited neither my vision nor my ability to write.  I have travelled and my imagination is almost boundless.  That’s why I enjoy writing so much.  I can create characters and develop them.  I can also develop a plot and weave through its intricacies.  Writing has help me get through this horrid pandemic.

Since childhood, I have had an affinity for both the written word and the spoken word.  According to my mother, I talked before I walked.  Mom was an elementary teacher, and she taught the primary grades.  Under her guidance, I learned to read words and print letters at a fairly early age.  As a young adult, I aspired to be a journalist.  However, I ended up working in the library of the Toronto Star for many years.  To this day, I still prefer the print version of the newspaper.

I am currently working on my third novel, a sequel to The Missing Reporter.  That is why you will notice some lose ends at the end of the novel.  Not everything has been resolved.

Best regards to all,